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10/30/2014 11:25:39 AMrencontre femme douce I voted, did you? 

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I voted yesterday. In Illinois, they have early voting in every city, every county. I was impressed at the crowds too - I was in line behind about 30 people, with all 12 of the polling booths filled. By the time I finished, there were another 20 people walking in to vote.

I just hope this isn't only my area with crowds in the early voting facilities. And I hope everyone else gets out to vote, because we need to TAKE BACK congress and prevent LOSS of the Senate to the racist, corporate goons on the right.

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2/5/2015 1:57:12 AMfemme antibes I voted, did you? 

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Jesus, this thread was made the day before Halloween, and I'm the first poster.